5 Tips for Christmas Decorations When Selling Your Home

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With Thanksgiving over and black Friday in the books the Christmas decorations begin to make their way out of storage and into our homes and yards. My wife has already caught the bug and all of our decorations are strewn across the house as we make room on counters, shelves, tables, and walls. During the unpacking process my wife and I had a good discussion on what is and isn’t okay for decorating when selling a home.

Here are a few tips we came up with:

  1. Less is more- Don’t go Griswold or you’ll scare buyer’s away before they get in the door. christmas home sale reno
  2. Highlight your home’s features- The decorations aren’t to hide or cover your home but to show it’s highlights. Think a beautiful wreath above your wood burning fireplace’s mantle.
  3. Keep it  classic- Trendy decorations are only good for a year so stick with traditional ones.  Go with items that create a feeling of warmth and comfort.
  4. Tone down the Christmas tree- Try to use a smaller (skinnier) tree and keep presents in a closet or packed tightly under the tree. A large tree with presents strewn about the floor lead buyer’s to believe that great room isn’t all that great.
  5. Clean Up- Those boxes you stored the decorations in don’t belong in the guest room. Your home needs to be in top showing condition, even during the holidays, so put them back into storage.

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