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Social media has completely revolutionized communication… mostly for the better.

As humans, we’re geared toward community rather than isolation. In the old days happy birthday greetings, family announcements, and feelings were communicated through phone calls, snail mail, or actual face to face conversations.  In the present, communication has gone public with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. While there is nothing wrong with sharing your life with friends and co-workers through “tweets” or “posts” you need to be careful.  I’m not talking about revealing future vacation dates that can give thieves an opportunity to have a free run through your home (though it isn’t wise) but revealing your emotion to a home sale or purchase.

As Realtors(R), one of our jobs is to arm buyers or sellers with reliable information on purchasing or selling their home and the tech savvy among are using the internet to do it. As a transaction unfolds this may include research on the opposite party through social networking sites.

Your post or tweet, “Offered on our dream home. Will do anything to get it.” or “Offered on a home way under our budget. Pray it goes through.” just may have popped up on the opposing agent’s radar. Think you’re okay because your  profiles are set to private? Well, your friend just reposted or re-tweeted your message on her public profile.  You may be able to control what you put into cyberspace but you can’t control others.

Remember, almost everything is searchable on the internet including the hope you have for your buying or selling a home.  Do yourself a favor and keep it underwraps until you close. You never know who is looking.

For more information on buying and selling a home in Reno or Sparks, Nevada email me at Ricky@Resnv.com or call (775) 750-1437.

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