Highest Card Wins

In classic Nevada form, the Clerk/Treasurer seat of rural Eureka County, will be decided by a draw of cards. The incumbent Jackie Berg had a six chip lead after the count on November 2nd. Challenger, Carrie Wright, went all in by asking for a recount. The result… three chips were awarded to the challenger creating a tie and a Nevada election card draw for whole pot.  Think I’m kidding? Read the law for yourself, NRS 293.400:

“1.  If, after the completion of the canvass of the returns of any election, two or more persons receive an equal number of votes, which is sufficient for the election of one or more but fewer than all of them to the office, the person or persons elected must be determined as follows:….

(c) For any office of a county, township, incorporated city, city organized under a special charter where the charter is silent as to determination of a tie vote, or district which is wholly located within one county, the county clerk shall summon the candidates who have received the tie votes to appear before the county clerk at a time and place designated by the county clerk and determine the tie by lot. If the tie vote is for the office of county clerk, the board of county commissioners shall perform these duties.”

The best part is that the law is being used to its fullest extent. Not only is there a tie for office but it is with the county clerk who is supposed to holding the draw. Per law, the county commissioners will now be in charge of the deck. The final hand will dealt on Friday the 19th and I will be rooting for double aces.

As crazy as this is, we native Nevadans wouldn’t have it any other way.


*The term “votes” was replaced with “chip(s)” in order to keep the post relevant to Nevadans. *

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