ListingBook: Part 1 Setting Up Your Reno Home Search (Video)

reno home search mlsWhile third party sited like and continue to gain popularity they have one major problem…. They aren’t directly connected to our Reno and Sparks MLS system. Because they don’t have a direct feed their updates and information can be behind and incorrect. My most recent run in with a client led to learning that the home they have been tracking for months, still active on zillow, was actually pending and about to close within the week.

So what can we do to get around this misinformation?  ….Listingbook.

The Listingbook program has the same robust tools as sites like or but has a direct feed from our local. So the updates are in real time. While many people still swear by zillow and trulia I’ve foud my clients like using Listingbook for factual information and outside sites for all the fluff.

In the first video of our Listingbook series we go over setting up your account and search criteria.


For more information on buying a home in Reno or to get a free Listingbook account feel free to email me at or call (775) 750-1437.


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