My First Real Estate Video

After watching the TBWS guys, Brian and Frank, for the past few months I’ve realized that my marketing efforts need a boost. With 1080hd flip camera, tripod, and lockbox key in hand I set out to make my first property video. Being from the internet/tech savvy generation, I felt this process would be quick and easy. Little did I know there is a whole lot more involved than hitting the record button. The aftermath is below.






In order to keep this post short I’ll give a quick overview of the good and the bad.


  • Shaky camera work
  • Poor lighting and audio
  • Lack of wide angle lens
  • Amateur acting


  • The “record” button works


Though the video has its shortcomings it hasn’t detracted from my plan to reach buyers and sellers in ways that can be engaging and entertaining. What experiences have you had making videos?

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