Nevada Face of Foreclosure Report

reno ab 284 foreclosureThe Nevada Association of Realtors® published the third installment of the “Face of Foreclosure” reports. Previously published in July of 2009 and 2011 the reports cover many aspects of the foreclosure process including;

  • Reasons for default/foreclosure
  • Public opinion on foreclosure/strategic default
  • Foreclosure stats by area and income range
  • Personal stories

The 2012 report is interesting and worth a read. Serious and non-serious points from respondents include:

  • 45/45 split on morality of strategic default
  • 53% have defaulted due to job loss
  • 36% owned their home for 5 years or less. This is after the predatory lending and ARM loan timelines.
  • 79% said owning a home is still part of the American dream
  • 91% of cellphone users don’t own a land-line. Yet, service providers still try to get us to bundle it.

Click on the picture  to view all the information and compare the changes throughout the years.

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