Potheads and Short Sales

Being a newer agent, I haven’t experienced the oddities that come with real estate. That is until this past Saturday.

My morning showings were going well enough, a few vacant properties that needed some TLC. We arrived at our last house, a short sale that has been vacant for a year or so. We entered the home through an unlocked front door and began exploring the first level after I made our presence with the standard “Anyone home? Realtor showing the property”. As we entered the kitchen we hear noises from upstairs. Again, no one answers my shouts. As we turn to the kitchen window, the body of juvenile hits the ground and takes off over the backyard fence. With baby in tote we back out of the house to the front porch. A minute later two more high school age kids walk out saying, “It was vacant. We thought we could hang out”. My first reaction was to hold down the kids until the police could arrive but my common sense kicked in as the baby was only five feet away. After calling the listing agent and Sheriff’s department we head back in to finish the showing. As we make our way to the second story a strong stench of marijuana fills the stairs. We enter the room they were in to find broken windows and small red cellphone. BUSTED.

The Sheriff’s department finally arrives and before I can finish my witness report the deputy has called the suspect’s mom, dad, and dad’s girlfriend. No damage was done to the property but the kid’s life is going to have a major change. Breaking and entering is a felony in Nevada. By the way, the clients didn’t like the property.

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