Reno Real Estate Roundup 10/19/2012

 Two weeks worth of the Roundup as I was too busy last week to post.

Washoe County Home Sales Continue To

My free online RGJ subscription ran out so tell me what it says.


BofA Sues 28 HOAs In

Not too many people like BofA and not too many like HOA companies. I’m rooting for extended and expensive litigation.


Scammers Still Getting People On Craigslist-

Don’t give up your social security # or deposit unless you have verified you’re speaking with the owner of management company. Meaning you meet them in person at the house.  Read this one too… 530 Charged In Scamming Owners


Fannie and Freddie To Get More Aggressive With Deficiency Judgements?-

There’s been an uptick in 2nd lien judgements but we’re hearing they may start going after 1st lien strategic defaulters.


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