Reno Real Estate Roundup 12/14/2012

33% Of People Said They Would Get A Mortgage From Wal-Mart-

I might if they’re willing to keep it instead of selling to Fannie or Freddie.

More Short Sales Coming On The Market-

Be patient… Most of them will close. Just not quickly.

Strategic Default May Rise In The Near Future-

If you’re going to strategically default you first need to stop by every house in your neighborhood, punch each owner in the chest, and take $5,000-$7,000 grand out of each of their bank accounts (burn it, no keeping it). Essentially, that’s what you’re doing if you quit paying your mortgage when you can afford it. Oh yeah, pour gas on your lawn to speed up the browning of it.

Short Sale/Foreclosure Write Off Expiration Looming-

Technically, an owner occupied first time seller could write it off anyways but no one seems to take that into account.

For more information on the Reno Real Estate market contact Broker Ricky Beach at (775) 750-1437 or

Ricky Beach


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