Reno Real Estate Roundup

All from the except 1. Well 2

10 Reno Trends For 2013-

3-5 are directly related to real estate.

Storm Coming To Nevada Housing-

It’s pretty bad when the AP sees your state’s bubble.

Nevada 4th Worst State To Buy Foreclosures-

The RGJ article is gone so I guess there’s two non RGJ articles. From top 5 best to top 5 worst in a year’s time.

Reno Foreclosures Drop in 2012-

Data on why Nevada is one of the top 5 worst places to buy a foreclosure.


Home Prices Up 8% in 2012-

See the two posts above for the why. Also, don’t know what stats RSAR gave them since they’ve been sending us reports of 20% increase in median sales price.

For more information on the Reno and Sparks housing market contact Broker Ricky Beach at (775) 750-1437 or

Ricky Beach


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