Save your gas and lighten your stress-Online contract signing

Ok. I’m not trying to plug this product but it is amazing and I wish I knew about it before today.

I’ve come to find out that not all of my clients have easy access to a fax or scanner. Even more, it’s hard to meet with them before 5:30 on any weekday. So what am I to do? Wait outside client offices for a lunch break? Spend every weeknight from 5:30-9:00 in the office or front rooms of clients?  Not anymore.

Today I did my first paperless offer for a REO property. The client was at work with his own clients and unable to step out for a signing. So I sent him the offer via docusign. Amazingly, he had it back to me in 5 minutes.  All signatures and initials were on the correct line and legible. All I can say is, OUTSTANDING.

The docusign is a database/email that will allow you to take any .pdf and insert initials, signatures, date lines, etc. You have the freedom to put them anywhere on the document and they work similar to standard hard copy tabs, except the program actually puts the signature/initial on the line when the client clicks it. The program prompts for missed initials/signatures and emails me a copy once it has been completed.  It is legal due to Congress passing some bill back in 2000(wow, wasted money on Poli Sci courses). I can’t believe how much time I wasted driving around when I my clients needed was access to their email.

Let me know if you use it or have any tips.

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