Simplifying Your Social Networking

My second post so be kind.


For all my twitter and facebook friends, I have found a great desktop application to simplify your networking.

Originally, Tweetdeck was a desktop application that allowed you to follow all of your Twitter friends without logging into Twitter. You were given three categories to follow your friends; all friends, replies, and direct messages. These columns allowed you to keep easily keep track of your friend’s updates, especially for those with 100+. Now, Facebook has been added as a fourth column. You are now able to follow all updates from Twitter and Facebook friends without signing in to each site. More detailed posts to follow once I become more familiar with the app. Also, I suggest the TinyTwitter app for blackberry users. It allows you to update both your twiiter and facebook accounts from your phone.  Below are the links to the original and facebook add-on.

Tweetdeck Original for those without a facebook account.

Tweetdeck W/ Facebook Add-on


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