Why Won’t You Show Me The House, Mr. Agent?

reno home buyer's agent There are many reasons why a real estate agent might not show a buyer a home. The property could be in a pending status or the property could have a disgruntled tenant. While most of the reasons are out of the buyers control there are a few that aren’t.

Being Pre-Approved: Coming to an agent with a pre-approval letter let’s them know that you are a willing and able buyer. Showing homes cost money. Gas is a big one but even more important is how much an agent’s time is worth. You need to think of this as a business decision. Why would an agent run around town to show homes to someone that may not be able to afford a home when they have active buyers waiting for their services? Also, did you know that most sellers won’t even look at your offer without a pre-approval?  Do yourself a favor and get pre-approved beforehand.                                                                            

Using a Buyer’s Agent: Our brokerage has a pretty good share of REO listings that get a lot of calls.  While on the phone with prospective buyers we make sure that two questions are answered before even thinking of showing the home.

  • Are you pre-approved?
  • Are you working with an agent?

The second questions seems to be the most baffling for buyers. We usually hear a few seconds of silence, stuttering statements, or flat out lies. For some reason buyers think they’re going to get a screaming deal if they ditch their agent and go with the listing agent. Here’s the deal… I’m going to double end the deal. Meaning, the commission that you thought was going to be waived so you could get a lower price is actually going to me, the broker. Also, until you approve the dual agency in writing I’m going to be fighting tooth and nail for the seller to get the best deal.

 Buyer’s agency is a service for the buyer. You have access to an agent who will show you any property in our MLS (good luck trying to roundup six listing agents for your Saturday showings). You have someone who is your advocate from the beginning. You have an agent who is paid when you buy the home you want, not when you buy the exact home they’re listing. Why use someone that was hired by the seller to get them top dollar?

I understand that agents are not available at all hours and some even take vacations. I’m not  opposed to showing one of our listings when you already have an agent but I need your agents permission first. After all, my job is to get the home sold. Though  trying to lie around the fact that you have an agent will only hurt you in the end. Remember, if you trick me into showing you that home I will be more than happy to disclose my opinion of your honesty to my seller when presenting the offer. Being labeled “the dishonest buyer” isn’t a good way to get your offer accepted.

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