Your furniture or your dream house?

Old Couch

Old Couch

The favorite couch, sofa, kitchen table, or easy chair. You know… the one that creeks when you sit down, has a slight nacho cheese smell, and really needs a good clean. We all have one and it’s emotional value far outweighs its resale value. To understand real estate you have to understand people’s emotions. Furniture can have more meaning than the wood frame and padding. These items store memories of rocking a first child to sleep, watching the big game with dad, the peace after a long day of work, and on and on and on.

To Mr. and Mrs. Buyer… I understand your emotional stranglehold on your furniture but your continual insistence on every piece fitting perfectly is severely undermining your ability to get that dream home. Look at the beauty in the picture I gave up for my new home.  How many times have we walked into a house with dropped jaws only to leave with dismay and sadness because your 15 year old love seat wouldn’t fit correctly in the living room? I know you love it but didn’t you also love that house? Are you willing to settle on an average house to keep that love seat for a couple more years. The love seat may be at the dump by Christmas but the home you buy will remain the same.

I plead with you to look beyond your present situation and view the memories that can be made in this home. At some point you need to let go. At some point new memories need to be made.

Ricky Beach
Managing Broker/Realtor
Renown Real Estate Services
(775) 750-1437
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